At Flat Earth you are the most important one and we want you to feel special! We know that many of our competitors focus on streamlining their processes, leveraging their volumes, cutting costs, and squeezing their customers into "ready-made" service and pricing moulds, that fit like a whalebone corset!

Well... not at Flat Earth! We want our service to feel like the finest merino wrap...
So cool and light when you need us, but warm, cuddly and protective too when you need us the most. Maybe not the cheapest, but definitely the most durable, reliable, hardwearing, never out-dated and undeniably best "value" must-have support you can buy.

Notice we're not talking freight yet? Nah!.....boring!! We are about people first! We also believe that having a name that is well-known, is very different to having one that is well-respected and we're sure you will want to know more about Flat Earth Logistics and why it's really worthwhile talking to us first when you need to move something "across" the world... . (See how easily we slipped in the "Flat" concept!!) Now that didn't hurt at all did it!

"Take a chance. Hello stranger. Open doors. Feel first, think later. Share. Will it matter tomorrow?"

How the past has shaped our future... We've been around for a long time... Over 32 freight years! But don't let that worry you... Our team and our ideas are up to the minute, vibrant and edgy!

For 30 or so years, we were owned by one of Australia's most recognisable corporations in the magazine and media industry, so we grew up, learning to tailor our services to very tight deadlines, and to manage a very diverse range of import and export commodities.

We learned to function extremely well in a "fast-moving" and constantly changing environment, whilst making sure that our clients never saw the behind-the-scenes blood, sweat and tears. (No shortage of bandages, ice buckets and tissues on our team!).

We have looked after the needs of some of Australia's most interesting and, yes, sometimes most challenging, companies and characters.

We know, from their continued support, that what they saw in us was an absolute commitment to service and the fact that one phone call meant that things would just work!

Flat Earth quite simply means "Value for money and on-time performance" In other words, the key to pure happiness.

So what then...

Don't waste a good thing! As many companies grow, they seem to lose that special "tingly feeling" for both their customers and their employees alike... you know the one?

Where someone somewhere makes you feel really special? Where the people and the service are soooooooo good, that you want to tell them, or tell someone else, or you just simply want to keep going back, because they really do genuinely care about you, and your business and it's not just lip-service or costly spin doctoring!
We call it

The "FE" factor "Fabulously Exciting"

That intangible something that underpins our persona which gives you that "Nothing's too much trouble" buzz when you deal with us. We are FE and we attribute our growth to date to the FE factor and we work hard to maintain it!!

In doing this we have made a lot of good friends along the way, who have told their friends about us. But we want to do more to spread the FE word, cos it's much more fun to share the good stuff!

So how does it all sound so far??? Bit weird for a logistics company? Maybe. But we are so NOT your average "garden variety" logistics agent either. In 2008, we knew we had something special to offer customers outside the parent company, so we "bought ourselves!" off them. Damned good value for money!

A great team of people with the best attitude and a total focus on making you happy. The future is here!

As much as the world isn't really flat, the Flat Earth team are committed to making a difference in an industry that hasn't always had a shining customer care reputation.

We know from our research, that as many of our competitors jump on the global "merger/acquisition" bandwagon that this often leaves you to cope with a widening gap in quality of service and supplier integrity that desperately needs filling.

At Flat Earth we have learned how to fill those gaps. Not with hollow "spin" but with the necessary level of dedication that allows you to be totally comfortable relying on us to simplify your world.

One of our vibrant team once observed

"In this industry, shit happens! But we have the shovels and we're not afraid to use 'em!!!"

So if you are tired of the same old, same old, and you need a little vibrancy in your day, as well as our absolute assurance that, whilst we have a sense of humour, we also take your requirements very seriously, then perhaps you should look more closely at Flat Earth as being the right team to truly raise the bar on logistics service standards and customer care expectations.

What do you have lose? Except maybe the chance to feel something you never thought you would in this industry? Comfort, Trust, Happiness.

Take a chance! ... .and allow yourself to experience some, truly great, warm, friendly, professional and above all else, uncomplicated service standards from people who really do care about you and your business. Check out our "Movers and Shakers" contact list in the following pages!

Tell us your problem and we will solve it. Tel: + 61(2) 9669 0966
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